Boost your research & advisory

Create, publish, distribute & track your research recommendations to better engage with your customer

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> 80,000

Customers depend daily

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> ₹ 2,900 Cr

Order volume past 3 months

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> 30 Mn

API calls in 1 month

India’s first Publisher
for Capital Markets

With Yobee’s Publisher, you can manage your research & advisory business using modern tools to serve investors & traders

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Create, edit or close your research calls

Add a new recommendation in seconds with customisable fields

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Use the inbuilt fast search to find the right instrument

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View last price to accurately set the target & stoploss

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Upload PDF report to explain the recommendation

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Instantly disseminate your recommendations

Your research is instantly pushed to multiple systems at the same time

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Notify your clients across various communication channels

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Powerful & fast APIs to power your apps & website

Message notification

Trigger personalised marketing campaigns to engage customers

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Filter, track & monitor in real time

Stay up to date with the performance of your research calls

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Live PnL of each recommendation with low latency market feed

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Real time metrics like orders placed, volume, brokerage etc

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Auto closure of recommendation basis target, stoploss, validity

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Power your
Marketing Campaigns

Use customisable templates to engage your customer with personalised messaging

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Integrate with third party tools like Clevertap

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Support Push Notification/SMS/Email

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Connect your business WhatsApp / Telegram

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Recurring or event based triggers for any channel

Reports &

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Keep track of overall
performance at a glance

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Customisable reports to suit your business metrics & KPIs

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Automate email reports to internal stakeholders & customers

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Built for research analysts

Intelligent features to assist analysts in their work

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Smart validations to prevent common mistakes like incorrect target or stoploss

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Prevent duplicate recommendation with opposite views

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Real time price feed status to always be on top of the market

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Instant data synchronisation

Status & information are synced across all systems like databases, frontends and marketing campaigns instantly

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Customise publisher as per your business needs

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Custom fields when creating a recommendation to help with tagging or tracking

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Create reports for internal MIS or client-side communication

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Modify templates for notification as per your brand and compliance guidelines

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Developer friendly & Security abiding

  • Checkmark Icon Blazing fast APIs
  • Checkmark Icon Websockets to update frontends
  • Checkmark Icon Third Party Integrations like Clevertap
  • Checkmark Icon Deploy on your private cloud or on-premise
  • Checkmark Icon Host on Yobee’s cloud for a managed service
  • Checkmark Icon Adheres to your information & security codes
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